Going Behind the Scenes of CSARCS

Behind the Scenes Look at CSARCS

Friday, October 21st, 2022: Now that we are about a month and a half into the start of the school year, we would like to give you a behind-the-scenes look into our newest school! Citizenship & Science Academy of Rochester was so excited to welcome our first-ever class of atoms into a brand new home! Atoms have been busy since September with activities like dinner with the dean, literacy night, and various school assemblies. 

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Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Friday, September 16th, 2022: Hola! National Hispanic Heritage Month began September 15th. It’s celebrated annually in the United States from September 15 to October 15 to recognize the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans to the history and culture that shape the U.S. today. Did you know the observations started in 1968 under President Lyndon Johnson, but it wasn’t enacted into law until 1988? Each year focuses on a different theme, and this year it’s “Unidos: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation.”

We Are SANY: Inclusive, Diverse, Student-Centered Learning Environments

Imagine a school that allows for your student to shine. A school that puts the needs of your child first. A school that prides itself in a STEAM-focus and college preparation curriculum preparing students for success beyond the classroom. A school that is inclusive, diverse, and creates a positive and supportive learning environment that allows all children to reach their full potential and thrive. This place is the Science Academies of New York (SANY) Charter Schools.

At SANY, we believe in our motto, ‘Many Atoms, One Family’, and we create positive and supportive cultures and environments through the actions of students, teachers, faculty, and staff. Active words of encouragement, Glocal Education, student-centered, and philanthropic activities build our inclusive community. 

Experience how we build success, One Atom at a time at any of our four tuition-free charter school families. The Science Academies of New York Charter Schools is accepting applications for the 2022 - 2023 school year. Below is the list of schools and the grades that are accepting applications.

Please click here to complete the student applications for the 2022 - 2023 school year.

All applications are due by Friday, April 1st, 2022.

Season's Greetings from SANY Schools - 2021

Hello Syracuse Academies of New York Families,

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the holiday break - where has this time gone? As we get ready to celebrate the holiday season with family and loved ones that are near and dear to us, I wanted to take a brief moment to reflect on all that has happened this past year.

 As the year started off with much promise as the COVID-19 vaccine would be made available to the vast majority, the year 2021 seemed like it would bring much hope and light in the times of darkness. At some point throughout this year, I think we all expected to be beyond COVID-19 and its far-reaching impact on the education system, however, much like the 2020 school year, our students, teachers, faculty and staff overcame many obstacles and challenges that presented themselves. If the 2020 school year taught us anything, there is nothing we (as Atoms) can’t accomplish.

Despite the many challenges this year faced, I am reminded of a quote by Mahatma Gandhi, ‘in the midst of darkness, light persists.’ I am drawn to this quote by the generosity, positivity and actions presented this year by the Science Academies of New York Atoms. But don’t just take my word for it, take a look at all the many wonderful things the students have accomplished thus far.

? Syracuse Academy of Science elementary school’s ‘Ladies in Science Club,’ received a $5,000 grant from The Women's Fund of Central New York that will go towards purchasing materials to help support this student club organization.

? Syracuse Academy of Science high school collaborated with Rotary District 7150, and Terra Science and Education to sponsor three pallets of curriculum books to the Books of the World organization - who support efforts in getting books to people in Africa.

? Syracuse Academy of Science high school Congressional Awards students volunteer their time and service at the Rescue Mission’s Thrifty Shoppers stores and the Blessing Box CNY donation drive.

? Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School and Syracuse Academy of Science and Citizenship elementary school students received hats and gloves through the generous donation of Chartwells’ Food Service Director, Ms. Pittsley.

? Syracuse Academy of Science and Citizenship elementary school receives special visits from Board of Regents, Elizabeth Hakanson, Assemblyman William B. Magnarelli, and Honorable Chol Majok.

? Syracuse Academy of Science and Citizenship elementary school hosted its annual canned food drive to benefit the CNY Food Bank.

? Utica Academy of Science Charter Schools moves to one building, and becomes a Title I school.

? Utica Academy of Science elementary school students received a special visit from Kiss FM who presented the students with goodies and a class pizza party as part of their 'It's Cool to be Kind' campaign.

? Utica Academy of Science Charter Schools voices were heard all across Central New York including: WKTV, Talk of the Town, and Observer Dispatch, as they expressed their challenges with Durham School Services and its transportation services.

While we are halfway through the school year, Atoms continue to show that they are the light that is shining through the darkness.

Someday, when we look back at this period and reflect upon how we lived through these challenging times, I will always be reminded that it was because of each and every one of our Atoms, their families, teachers, faculty and staff. Many Atoms, one family. We wish you a very happy holiday!   


Dr. Tolga Hayali
SANY Superintendent

CSA Rochester

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