Performance-based Accountability

SANY schools must achieve academic and organizational excellence through outstanding instructional quality, as part of their key design elements, to remain a viable educational alternative in the community. Student performance and teaching and learning are measured monthly and/or quarterly through data collected and tracked by multiple assessment instruments, including STAR Math and Reader Testing, Benchmark Exams utilizing eDoctrina Software, and full-length practice tests for state assessments. Student performance is documented and reviewed by teachers, and school administrators. From these performance results, teachers create intervention plans to improve individual student achievement. Our extensive teacher observation and enrichment program ensures that every teacher is visited biweekly and given feedback, with resources tailored to individual needs, using NYSED approved models, such as Danielson Framework for teacher evaluation and the My Learning Plan program. SANY schools hire several instructional coaches to perform objective class observations as well as provide feedback to improve instruction. Research-based evidence shows that performance-based accountability policies and performance-based feedback encourage teachers to work harder, be more instructionally focused, and further develop their instructional capacities.

For greater accountability and transparency for parents, SANY schools have been using the Mindex SchoolTool student information system database for tracking student academic performance, assignments, and assessments. Several key decisions have been made based on data collected throughout the years based on student success , such as hiring instructional coaches, having two teachers in grades K-4 and in ELA and math subjects in Middle school, professional development workshops, and our summer institute for teachers.

SANY schools have increased their academic reporting to parents. Reports are now sent on a monthly basis (first Friday of every month), in addition to end-of-quarter progress reports (typically resulting in four reports home per quarter). This provides more frequent updates to parents, particularly those who do not have Internet access or are uncomfortable with accessing the database for information.

SANY schools also provide monthly results of STAR testing, enrollment numbers, and the financial dashboard system to SANY Board members on a monthly basis, for accountability and feedback purposes.

CSA Rochester

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