What is a charter school?

A charter school is an independently run public school. Charter schools are granted greater flexibility in their operations. However, in return for this flexibility charter schools are must perform at a higher level of standard for test scores and graduation rates. If student performance falls below the standards set in the charter, the school may be closed by the New York State Department of Education – Charter School Division. In New York State, charter schools must have their charters renewed every five years.

What makes charter schools different from traditional district schools?

Because they are independent from the district system, charter schools have greater flexibility in the way they operate. Charter schools are free to develop their own academic program, choose staff, set educational goals, offer a longer school day and school year, and establish their own standards for student behavior. Charter schools are required to raise student achievement. If they do not meet their performance goals they can be closed.

What are the benefits of enrolling my child in a charter school?

Charter schools provide an alternative to traditional district schools. Charter schools allow parents the opportunity to choose a school based upon what they think will work best for their child. Many charter schools also tend to:

  • Emphasize not only the core subjects of English and math, but also the arts, science, and languages;
  • Have longer school days and year;
  • Be smaller overall, providing a more personal atmosphere.

What grades are offered at Citizenship & Science Academy of Rochester Charter School?

The Citizenship & Science Academy of Rochester Charter School will serve students from kindergarten through grade 12. However, it will open only grades K - 2 in September 2022 with 171 seats and grow one new grade every year until it serves grades K through 12.

How can I apply for admission?

Applications may be submitted online at https://goodschoolsroc.schoolmint.net/. Available spots will be filled using a lottery system. Applications are due by Midnight April 1 of each year.

Is there a school uniform?

Yes. Every student is required to wear the school shirt and khaki pants (or a knee-length skirt for girls). Jeans and leggings that look like jeans are not allowed. Pants must be dress slacks or cotton twill. School shirts are available with short or long sleeves. Shorts are permitted in warm weather; however, they must be of modest length (no “hot pants” or short shorts). Long-sleeved and short- sleeved shirts, hooded sweat shirts with the school name.

Do you provide transportation, breakfast, and lunch?

Transportation to our school is provided by your home district. For example, if you live in the Rochester City School District, RCSD pupil transportation will bus your child to our school. If you live outside the local school district, you must contact your home school district’s pupil transportation department, as some districts require parents to fill out a transportation form. Our school offers free and reduced price lunch to all eligible students. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to fill out an application every year as the standards change.

Is there a cost to attend Citizenship & Science Academy of Rochester?

No. Charter schools are tuition-free, like all public schools. All students, regardless of background, are eligible to submit an application for lottery-based admission. The only cost associated with our school is the uniform.

Does Citizenship & Science Academy of Rochester serve English Language Learners?

Yes. If your student is an English Language Learner and requires ELL support, please be sure to note that on your application and you will be contacted by the School if more information is required.

Does Citizenship & Science Academy of Rochester accommodate students with IEPs or those receiving other special services? 

Yes. We accommodate all children and their individual learning needs. Our resource coordinator will require a copy of your child’s IEP or 504 plan in order to schedule them accordingly. You can request your student’s current school to send a copy if you do not have a current copy at home.

My student has been accepted to Citizenship & Science Academy of Rochester, what additional paperwork is required to complete enrollment?

Besides a completed application, the following documents are required after acceptance to the school:

  • A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate
  • The most recent report card to verify grade applying for
  • Proof of residency (driver’s license, phone bill, etc.)
  • Copy of IEP or 504 plan (if applicable)
  • Copy of immunization record
  • Copy of physical exam (done within one year of the school year applying for)

What type of diploma can my student receive at Citizenship & Science Academy of Rochester? 

  • New York State Regents Diploma
  • New York State Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation
  • New York State Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation and Honors

How many students are in each class at Citizenship & Science Academy of Rochester?

Each class has approximately 20-25 students. Smaller class size enables more one-on-one time between the teacher and students.

CSA Rochester

Citizenship & Science Academy of Rochester Charter School is part of Science Academies of New York.

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For transportation related questions, please call transportation department in the district you live.
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