At the Science Academies of New York, we believe in growing our employees. We know that obtaining your Master’s Degree while simultaneously starting your career is a challenge. We want to provide the tools for you to succeed.

Part of that toolkit involves the funding to achieve your degree. Qualified employees within the SANY school district can apply to have their master’s degree paid for by SANY.

Read more to discover the details of this program, and if SANY can help you achieve your goals.
Program Key Facts
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Current SANY employees.

Recommendation from the school dean.

Acceptance to the Master’s program from the College.

<- Eligible Masters Programs ->

Early Childhood and Childhood Certification Programs

7-12 Teacher Certification Programs

Special Education


Education Leadership or C.A.S.

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Program Details

The program must be completed within three years.
Books are not covered.
Tuition and fees will be covered.
A teacher must comply with all school expectations outlined in the employee handbook (clubs, tutoring, events, etc.).
The teacher must maintain satisfactory work performance at SANY and comply with college’s requirements.
Teacher certification candidates will be encouraged to complete 50% of the course credits to be eligible for internship teacher certification after the first year.
If a teacher is required to repeat a course due to failure of the requirements of the college program, the teacher is responsible for the cost of the repeated course.

After the Successful Completion of the Program

If the program is not successfully completed and initial certification is not received within 3 years, the teacher will be responsible for the loan payments.
After the program is completed and initial teaching certification is received, the entirety of the loan will be forgiven in 5 years.

Loan Payment Details

Based on the position availability, a teacher who earns certification through this program will be assigned a job with SANY.
Completion of a degree is not a guarantee of a lead teaching position.
Co-teaching counts towards years “forgiven.”
After the program is completed, as long as the teacher is employed by SANY Schools, the loan will be forgiven based on the following schedule:
Amount Forgiven
1st Year
2nd Year
3rd Year
4th Year
5th Year
If the teacher leaves SANY Schools or is dismissed due to violation of responsibilities described in the contract including teaching performance, teacher will be responsible to pay the unforgiven loan amount to SANY.

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